Alla is the most knowledgeable trainer I have come across in my lifetime. She takes her job very seriously, demands consistency and truly cares for her client’s results. Her sessions are not easy, and she always invests time to design appropriate and news program whether it is toning, fat loss or working with injuries. Personally, I really appreciate her knowledge specialising in female training, nutrition and hormones which has really changed the way I approach training and nutrition myself. Marta



  My name is Alla Meijer. I am the overall British bikini-fitness 2016 champion and IFBB PRO competitor. I am also a certified ISSA elite trainer, exercise therapist and nutritionist as well as REPS Level 3 with certification in pre and post natal and Level 4 Strength and Conditioning. Prior to personal training and competing I competed  as a professional rhythmic gymnast and dancer.

I completed my University studies in Art History and am also a mummy to 2 beautiful children living with family in Central London. Currently i am planning to open a dedicated fitness/posing studio in London.


I have been always  passionate about movement, sports, the human body and its mechanics. The fitness industry for me is the field where I can see myself growing and evolving, doing what I love and what I feel most competent at. I have knowledge, skills, experience, passion and patience to help you to become your Best Real-self, the best version of you in body mind and spirit.


Please don’t hesitate to contact allameijer IFBB PRO bikinifit elite personal training and posing coach and i will guarantee you that together we will make your best you.

I have a great personal experience with Alla, I progressed so much in 1.5 years, she changed my exercise routine completely taking into account my age, traumas and body composition. Meticulous, knowledgeable and very good at what she does. Tati